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Handouts from select NETWORK 2019 Workshops:

What Can You Do with Halves and Fourths?

Presenter: Connie Rivera


Doing More with Google

Presenters: Phoebe Chen, Andrew Shapira


Taking Care of Ourselves and Our Learners

Presenters: Falon Eke, Carol Rijo


What Story Does This Graph Tell?

Presenter: Connie Rivera

For a set of resources from this workshop, please click here.


Immigration in the Trump Administration

Presenter: Sarang Sekhavat


Protecting Communities Through the Attorney General's Office

Presenter: David Urena

For a list of upcoming trainings from the Office of the Attorney General, please click here.


Handouts from select NETWORK 2018 Workshops:

Immigration One Year into the Trump Administration

Presenter: Sarang Sekhavat

MIRA: Changes in public charge regulations

MIRA: Public charge regulations - a guide for advocates


VENDOR WORKSHOP: GED Testing Program Updates

Presenter: Scott Salesses


Does Bradley Leave Samantha? A Soap Opera

Presenter: Meryl Becker


Classroom Management for Differentiated ESOL Citizenship Instruction

Presenter: Kathleen Klose


We've Got You: Supportive and Personalized College Coaching

Presenter: Marvin Loiseau


Curriculum Design for Career Exploration: ESOL Bridge Program

Presenter: Marsha Parinussa Flynn

Northern Essex CC Bridge to College and Careers handouts


Structuring Student Conferences for Success

Presenter: Dan Griffith

Essential Education: Structuring student conferences worksheet


White Teachers, Students of Color: How to Respond?

Presenter: Ana Rodriguez


Starting or Improving Blended Learning

Presenter: David Rosen


Creative Classroom Management

Presenter: Lenore Balliro

First Literacy: Classroom management handout


The Politics of Adult Education: Our Challenge

Presenter: Art Ellison


Songwriting with ESOL Students

Presenter: Sara Jorgensen

Rosie's Place - Easy and familiar melodies for songwriting


Desmos Classroom Activities 101

Presenter: Connie Rivera


Improving the HSE Test Experience for Young Students

Presenter: Michael Farma


Learning Circles for Adult Basic Education

Presenter: David Rosen


Emergent Practices in Collaborative IELCE Instructional Teams

Presenter: Pesha Black

HCC - IELCE instructional teams handouts


Advocacy Made Easy: COABE's Educate and Elevate Campaign

Presenter: David Downes



Handouts from select NETWORK 2017 Workshops:

Competency-Based Adult Education and Blended Learning

Presenter:  David Rosen


Read for Pleasure, Read for Success

Presenter:  Caitlin Jacobs


Dialogue Journaling: Students Writers Ramp Up and Soar

Presenter:  Chris Trevethan


Social Studies Off the Page

Presenter:  Lakshmi Nayak


Handouts from select NETWORK 2014 Workshops:

Building on the Contexts of Learners' Lives

Presenters: Emily Tomita & Falon Eke

Finding Valid, Credible and Useful Information Online

Presenters: Patty Ball & Sandra Darling

Tech Tools to Facilitate Teaching College & Career Readiness

Presenters: Patty Ball & Akira Kamiya

Digital Literacy and Digital Inclusion in Massachusetts

Presenter: Teri Anderson

Critical Thinking, Data Analysis, and Science

Presenter: Michele Bahr

Using Relevant Content to Teach College & Career Readiness Skills

Presenter: Cynthia Peters

Help Your Graduates Skip Developmental College Courses

Presenter: Gary Kaplan

Teaching Fractions According to the CCRSAE

Presenter: Barbara Goodridge

It’s an UpSKILL Battle: The PIAAC Adult Skills Report--Where Do We Go from Here?

Presenter: listed as Silja Kallenbach, but presented by David Rosen

Web-based Writing Instruction and Professional Development Videos

Presenter: David Rosen

Teaching Soft Skills in Adult Basic Education

Presenter: Patricia Pelletie


Using the Education and Career Plan to Help Your Students Achieve Their Dreams

Presenter: Stacie Fehrm


Handouts from select NETWORK 2010 Workshops:

The Whys and Hows of Creating an Educational Social Networking Site

Presenter:Patty Ball, Regional Technology Coordinator-Northeast SABES


Wicked Good Math Sites to Integrate into Your Classroom

Presenters: Patty Ball, Regional Technology Coordinator-Northeast SABES, Eunice Snay, Regional Technology Coordinator-Central SABES (ALRI)


Handouts from select NETWORK 2009 Workshops:

The Art of Presentation - Beyond Bullet Lists

Presenter: Akira Kamiya, Regional Technology Coordinator-Boston SABES (ALRI)


Best Practices in Screening and Training Volunteers

Presenters: Peg Thibbitts, Volunteer Coordinator-Center for New Americans; Lynne Weintraub, Volunteer Coordinator-, Jones Library ESL Center;Emily Fox, Volunteer Coordinator-Holyoke Tutor/Mentor Program

Volunteer Job Description; Volunteer Application; Agency-Volunteer Agreement


Get Moving! Favorite Kinesthetic Activities for ESOL Learners

Presenter: Iris Broudy, ESOL Instructor-Hampden County Sheriff’s Department

List of Resources


It's Not Your Father's Manufacturing, Anymore! - PowerPoint Presentation

Presenters: Members of the Mass-TEC Project team


Wicked Good Online Resources for Your Program and Classroom

Presenter: Patty Ball, Regional Technology Coordinator-Northeast SABES

Wicked Good Online Resources Outline


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