""Your Goverenment, Your Taxes, Your Choice: A Curriculum on Advocacy for ABE StudentsMCAE""
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What is the purpose of this curriculum?

As citizens, employees, and companies in the state of Massachusetts, we pay many different taxes and receive a variety of services in return. Most of us are aware of the taxes we pay and some services that the state government provides. However, many don't know enough about taxes paid and how services are distributed to judge whether the system is fair or unfair. And perhaps fewer realize they can act on behalf of themselves or their communities to address the injustices that may exist in some of these transactions.

This curriculum has been designed to address these very issues with the adult basic education students throughout the state of Massachusetts. This is a population that is likely greatly affected by many decisions related to taxes and the services they fund, but may have little knowledge of the processes involved or how to take action. As adults, students, parents, workers, and community members, adult basic education students are vital contributors to the state's economy and have a vested interest in state government. Regardless of students' status as citizens and voters, they can participate fully in all lessons found in this curriculum. They will find that they can advocate proactively on behalf of themselves and their communities.

How can it be accessed?

See the Web version of the curriculum or download it in Word or PDF. Please be advised that the download of the full version in Word may take a long time due to the graphics in the handouts. Also, depending on your version of Word the formatting and pagination may change. To view the curriculum using PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you do not already have it on your computer, download Acrobat Reader free.

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