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Working Conditions Award: Who’s made a difference in working conditions this year?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Who would YOU nominate for the MCAE Working Conditions Award?

Think about your program. Has the staff worked together to improve working conditions this year? Have your program administrators taken working conditions into account in class design or policies? Has anyone made your working life at your program easier this year?

If you answered yes, nominate your program for the MCAE Working Conditions Award!**

Here’s how:

  • Teachers, counselors, and support staff can make nominations
  • A second teacher, counselor, or support staff must sign on to the nomination
  • The form is right here and it’s short!

The deadline for nominating programs for the MCAE Working Conditions Award is October 6th. You can send the form by email to

**Maybe your program’s not so great, but what program would you nominate if you could? Leave a comment and tell us!

Boston Teaching Salaries: Does ABE Measure Up?

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Back-to-school food for thought: a rookie teacher in the Boston Public Schools makes $46,000 a year. How does your salary measure up?

Does your job reward your experience, education and professional development? Where do you fit in? What comes to mind as you look at this chart? Leave a comment below!