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Can ABE Piggyback off Early Childhood Ed. Unionization?

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

MTA and AFT Investing in Organizing Early Childhood Educators-Can We Make ABE the Next?

As you may have heard, two unions (the MTA and AFT) are putting resources into organizing early childhood educators (see Globe article, 10/10/11).

While there are ways these workers are different from us (they usually work full time, work on state contracts rather than state grants, etc.), there are probably more ways that we are alike (marginalized, small numbers at each site, pay is pitted against numbers served, etc.).

MCAE is planning to connect with an organizer from the campaign to create a statewide union for early childhood care workers.

We’d like to get some questions answered, including:

  • How did this effort start?
  • What made the unions decide to invest in this?
  • What happens to those workers who are already unionized?
  • Does it matter that our field is mostly part-time?
  • Do you have other questions that you’d like asked?

    Post your comments below!

    Read more:

    The Advocate, the newspaper of the Mass AFT, featured a terrific article about the MECEU on the front page.

    Visit the website of the Massachusetts Early Childhood Educators Union to learn more about the campaign to organize workers and improve program quality.