Sample petition to employer to offer pre-tax insurance withholding to part-timers

March 1, 2010



The 2007 Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law requires, under its Section 125 provision, that employers offer part-time employees who work at least 64 hours per month the opportunity to have wages withheld pre-tax for the purpose of paying their health insurance premiums. According to the Massachusetts Health Connector’s Section 125 Plan Handbook (page 21), employers also have the option to extend this opportunity to employees who work less than 64 hours per month. We, the undersigned part-time staff of the XXXX, submit this letter to declare our support for two actions related to the Section 125 provision:

1. The XXX should ensure that it is in compliance with Section 125 for employees who work at least 64 hours per month.

2. The XXX should extend the Section 125 opportunity to its entire part-time staff.

Given that pre-tax withholding can offer significant monthly savings to employees at no cost to the employer, we believe strongly that the XXX and the City of XXX should take these two actions without delay. Indeed, with regard to Action 1, it is a simple matter of compliance with a law that has been in effect for nearly three years. We recognize that Action 2, because it is voluntary, may require negotiation with city officials. We ask that such discussions begin as soon as possible, and we are happy to have a representative from the XXX’s part-time staff assist you in this important effort.

With appreciation,

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