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When a Teacher or Counselor Leaves…

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

by Hilda Johnston*

Hilda Johnson

From an adult student’s perspective, when a teacher or counselor leaves her position, it has a huge impact. The teacher or counselor has the power to bring out the best in their students. When this happens, a bond is formed between that teacher and the student. The teacher may be the reason why that student comes to class on a regular basis.


I love my work, but I just can’t afford it.

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Roaches and mice are alive and well and quite possibly learning English.
-Boston-based ESL teacher

I have been in the field for 6 years. I work 3 part-time jobs (totaling 32 hours/week; 18 teaching hours) to earn $27,000. My pay ranges from $18/hour (with 1:2 prep time) to $30/hour (with 1:6 prep time).

I get paid sick time at my one unionized job, but nowhere do I get any vacation time or health benefits. I get no pay for school vacations or when programs are closed.

Technically, I have access to a program computer but, if someone else is on it, I can’t wait because I have another job to get to. So I end up using my home as my office, paying for my own paper, ink cartridges, on-line fees, etc. Then I schlep my materials around from job to job.